5 Ways Adding An Aisle To Your Storage Unit Improves Everything

Are you looking for a simple tip that will make your storage unit more comfortable, safer, and easier to use? Then you may want to add an aisle or two. How does leaving an aisle down the center (or multiple aisles in larger units) make everything about self-storage better? Here are five important ways.

1. It Lets You Access Stuff. The biggest reason to add space for a clear aisle from front to back is to permit access. Many people lament that once they fill up a storage unit, it's nearly impossible to find what they need again. And if you can find it, you may not be able to reach it. Solve this problem by building in access from the start.

2. It Improves Light. Some units come with installed overhead lighting, but many do not. And once you stack some boxes and load furniture in, you block much of the sunlight that does enter. Free up more space with aisles so that light can get inside and make your work easier at any time. 

3. It Makes Things Safer. Safety should be a priority for any storage unit renter. However, this is often overlooked when you need to fit in as much as you can. As a result, stacks of boxes may fall, upended furniture could shift, and you can easily injure yourself on unseen edges and precarious ornaments. Space in a built-in aisle puts you closer to your stuff and creates room you can use to safely pull out items and restore them.

4. It Makes You Go Big. Because you're committed to including space for aisles, you'll likely need a larger self-storage unit than you would otherwise. This may a little bit of cost, but the added space is a benefit in many ways. More room prevents the need to stack things too high or too deep. You can take more care when arranging things. And more than one person can work together inside. 

5. It Helps You Check-In. Checking in on your stored belongings on a regular basis serves two purposes. It ensures nothing is missing or vandalized and it prevents or minimizes accidents, leaks, and spills. But if you can't see your things, you can't effectively monitor their condition. The easiest solution is to leave walking space free so you can quickly scan all your stored items without fuss.

Where to Start

Start planning your layout by touring a reputable self-storage facility in your area. No matter how you accomplish it, this trick will make things safer, simpler, and faster for everyone.  

For more information, contact a local company like Storage City Self Storage.

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