Is Indoor RV Storage Worth the Cost?

When you're done using your RV for the season, storing it properly lets you keep it in great shape so that you have little to do to get it ready next year when you want to go out on the road again. How you store it makes a difference, and finding the right type of facility means not only choosing where the RV is stored, but also learning what help you can receive in terms of getting it ready for storage. You have a choice between covered/carport, which has the storage outdoors, and indoor storage, but remember to look at what the facility offers as a whole because indoor storage can sometimes be much more expensive. You want to be sure you're getting good value.

Potentially Much Better Security and Climate

Indoor storage has two big advantages over covered and carport storage. One is that the security is potentially much better. You have a fully enclosed facility with locked doors and an alarm system, which helps protect your vehicle from people trying to see what valuable stuff you might have left inside. Indoor storage should offer better protection from the weather and elements, too. It might not have climate control, but chances are good that it will, as these storage areas are typically warehouses with people walking through them constantly to clean RVs and do other maintenance.

Carport/covered storage is typically outside, so the RV is exposed to whatever weather comes along. The facility should be gated and possibly alarmed, but if someone hops a fence, they can get into the facility.

Cleaner Facilities?

Because indoor storage facilities for RVs are protected from the weather, they should be a bit cleaner than outdoor storage facilities. However, this will depend on the quality of the company running the storage facility, so check around carefully. You could find outdoor facilities that are very well-kept and that have only a few random leaves on the ground to worry about. Check both types of storage facilities carefully for signs of rodents and other pests; while indoor storage should allow you to reduce the risk of encountering these, it's not foolproof. Make sure you find a facility with high standards. 

Services May Vary

Note that services can vary between facilities. You can have a basic storage-only facility that is indoors, and an outdoor storage facility that offers dump service, cleaning, tire pressure checks, and more. Always ask about what other services the facility offers and if they're included in the storage price because you want to ensure you're getting what you pay for.

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