Is Your Child Ready For A Big Kid Room? What Parents Need To Know About Storage

Are you redecorating your child's room? If your little one is ready to go from a nursery to a big kid space, take a look at what you need to know about storage at this transitional time. 

Why Should You Consider a Rental Unit?

Now that your toddler is ready to move from a crib to a new big kid bed and won't need a changing table, you'll have extra furniture. These items will take up too much space to stay where they are right now. But you may not want to donate, sell, or get rid of the baby furniture yet.

You might plan to have another child in the near future—or you may want to hand the pieces down to a family member or friend sometime soon. Whether you'll reuse these items or someone else will, you need a safe place to store your baby items. This is where a rental unit comes in. This off-site option allows you to save everything you may need later while making space for new furniture. 

What Type of Rental Unit Should You Choose?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. The two primary issues to consider are space and the indoor environment. Before you can rent a unit, you need to know how much square footage you'll need. List the approximate sizes of every for-storage item. These could include the crib, crib mattress, changing table, dressers, bins, and anything else you won't use in your child's new big kid room. 

After you know how many items and the size of each piece, you can decide how you want to organize the rental unit. If you are able to stack items vertically, you can rent a smaller space. But if you will need to place some items side-by-side on the floor, you will need a larger rental. Even though it is possible to stack almost anything, some items should not go on top of other ones. Nothing should ever sit on top of your child's crib mattress. A heavy box, bin, or furniture item could damage the mattress or create a permanent furrow in the material. 

If you only plan to store nursery items, it's likely you won't need a large rental. Ask the facility's staff or manager for size descriptions and discuss the best option. 

Along with space, you will also need to decide on climate controls. Not every facility offers this add-on. Most nursery items will not require a temperate or mid-humidity level environment. But items made from wood could warp in a hot, humid rental or crack in a cold, dry climate. The same is true for other delicate materials, such as a leather rocking chair cover. 

Contact a local storage company with any additional questions or concerns. 

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