How To Find A Highly Secure Storage Utility

When you are looking for a storage facility, proximity to your home and easy access might be your first priorities. After all, if you need something from your unit, you don't want the excursion to take all day to get there and get into it. On the other hand, if you are going to put items in long-term storage, you need to make sure your belongings are safe from any would-be thieves. A thief might see a storage unit as a buffet of things to steal; thus, you need to make sure your items are safe. 

Video Cameras

When you inspect a storage unit to make sure it will keep your items safe, look for camera placement. For example, if the storage facility only has cameras near the entrance, the cameras should catch who is coming and going, but once people get inside, the cameras cannot track what they are doing. Thus, you should make sure that there are no dark spots that cameras don't cover inside the facility that thieves can exploit. You also want to make sure that the feed from the cameras is recorded so that police can use the footage later to track down thieves if needed. 

Storage Locker Security

Another important aspect of storage facility security is what security is provided at your locker. You want to make sure that whatever lock you use does not leave much bar exposed for thieves to cut. The bar should barely fit through the lock. Such a lock will deter thieves, but in case they do find someway to bypass your lock, you should look for a facility that features an alarm at each locker. You will have a keypad just inside your locker, and you should be able to set the code so that only you know the code for your locker. Thus, if thieves break in, a guard will be alerted and can respond accordingly. 

Masonry Walls

Security at the gate to the facility is important, but thieves can cut right through a chain link fence with bolt cutters. A storage facility with masonry walls will be harder for thieves to get into and will limit what they can actual take out of the facility. 

Whether you are putting your stuff in storage while you move or you are storing seasonal items to make room in your home, you want to make sure that your items are there when you need them. Proximity is an important factor, but finding a secure unit is worth a little extra drive. Contact a storage company like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage for more information.

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