Ideas That Can Make Your Self-Storage Business Stand Out From Your Competitors

In many cities, you can find multiple self-storage businesses competing for customers. If you've decided to invest some money in starting a storage business, you'll need to take steps to make your facility attractive to people who have storage needs. Offering a wide range of sizes of storage units, providing numerous security features, and keeping your prices competitive can all help to bring customers through your front gate. It's also helpful to think of other ideas that can make your self-storage business stand out from its competitors. Here are some suggestions that you may wish to implement:

Offer Trailer Rentals

The average person with a need for self-storage doesn't own a truck, which means that he or she may be faced with taking multiple trips between home and the self-storage facility with items in the trunk and back seats of his or her vehicle. You can attract new customers by offering trailer rentals at your location. As long as someone has a vehicle equipped with a trailer hitch, he or she can rent a trailer to make transporting items easier. It's a good idea to offer several trailer sizes, including enclosed and flatbed options. You may also wish to offer an incentive such as a free trailer rental for people upon signing a year's rental agreement.

Provide Free Moving Supplies

Another way to draw customers to your new self-storage business is to provide free moving supplies for people to use. While you'll perhaps need to take a deposit on these items to ensure that people return them to you, many people will appreciate having access to moving supplies for their moving day. Things such as moving blankets, two- and four-wheeled handcarts, plastic bins, and other similar items can make moving day easier for your customers. They'll also appreciate not having to pay for these items.

Have Monthly Draws

A monthly draw can be enticing to customers who enjoy entering contests and who want to save money, and such a feature is easy for you to implement. For example, one monthly draw that you can consider is giving a free month's rent of a storage unit to someone who has signed up for at least a year's rental contract. The name of each person who meets this criteria can be entered into a draw and the winner can have an extra month added to the end of his or her rental contract.

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