How To Store An Action Figure Collection

Action figures are more than just toys: they represent sizeable investments as collector's items, and are also a physical reflection of popular culture. However, a large collection of action figures can take up a great deal of space in your home. If you want to free up some space for other items while still keeping your action figures adequately protected, you should consider renting a self-storage unit to put them in. Just be sure to properly prepare them before moving them into storage to ensure that they do not become damaged and lose their value.

Organization and Storage Techniques

You should look for a storage unit that possesses built in accessories that can help you organize your collection, such as shelving units. This can help make it easier for you to pack your stuff up and keep it orderly after transferring it into the unit. You should also look for a storage unit that is slightly larger than your existing size requirements if you are considering adding significantly to your action figure collection at any point in the near future so you don't have to move all of your things into a new, larger unit or split your collection between two units. Finally, be sure to store your boxes of action figures above the ground, either on pallets, shelves, or tables, to protect against any potential moisture that may seep up or flood into your unit.

Climate Control

Though not always worth investing in, you should consider getting a self-storage unit that comes with climate control. This can help protect your action figures from excessively high heat in certain climates, which can cause the plastics in some figures to degrade either structurally or by losing their color. Further, climate controlled storage units can help reduce the amount of moisture in the unit, which makes it much less likely that mold will grow on your action figures, which can quickly ruin their value.


Finally, because action figures can possess such high price tags and significant resale value, it's essential to look for storage units that offer security features. Look for individual units that have multiple locking options and secure locations, and storage facilities that have cameras, fences, and guards present to find the most secure option for your collection. Keep in mind that additional security features will probably come at an increased rental price, but such a price increase is peanuts compared to losing the full value of your collection.

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