Reasons To Use Mini Storage Units

You may have used larger self-storage units in the past during moves, housing transitions and other big life events, but you may need mini storage units for smaller-scale situations. Even if you're not relocating to a new home, the small self-storage units may be convenient in many different scenarios.

Items that are ideal for storing in mini storage spaces are family heirlooms, holiday decor and other seasonal items. The units can help you reduce clutter in your house either temporarily or long-term, and allow you to free up valuable garage, cabinet and closet space. If you use an item sporadically or not at all, but aren't ready to part with it, it's a good candidate for a self-storage unit.

Mini storage units are typically located in the buildings as the larger units, so you can still have the benefits of climate control if you desire. Choosing a unit that has reduced moisture levels is important if you're storing priceless items, such as family pictures and documents, that may be effected by the elements.

Here are some reasons to consider renting a mini self-storage unit:

1. You have an abundance of holiday items. 

If you're someone who likes to go all out during the holiday season, you may find that you don't have enough places put the festive pieces during the rest of the year. After carefully packing up delicate items such as Christmas ornaments, handmade decor, wreaths and textiles that you only use once a year, place them into a mini storage unit.

You can use the unit to hold Easter, Fourth of July, birthday party and other seasonal celebration items as well. Label all of the boxes well so that you can easily locate them as the seasons change. Be sure to thoroughly wash cookie cutters, cake pans and other food-related items prior to storage to keep pests away.

2. You're temporarily holding personal items for a loved one. 

If a loved one is experiencing a life transition, such as a job relocation or a divorce, and has asked you to keep her personal items for a period of time, put them in a mini storage unit. You know they'll be safe but you won't lose any storage space in your home. 

You can also place any of your own personal items that you don't use on a regular basis in the unit, which will help free up some much-needed room on your shelves or in your drawers. 

3. You're a college student home for the summer. 

Mini storage units, such as at Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, can also come in handy for college students who need to store their dorm room essentials, such as hot pots, blenders, TVs, and small furniture items, during the summer break. 

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